CORE(FR) Documentation

CORE(FR) is the Payment System used by the French banking community for the exchange and clearing of all SEPA and non-SEPA payment orders.

CORE(FR) Elements

The operating of the CORE(FR) Payment System is based on a documentation set detailing the key rules and procedures of the Exchange Communities hosted on the system. These rules regulate step by step the operations performed on the CORE(FR) system, securing the system and the exchanges.

Core Elements (pdf • 93Ko)

Exchange_Management (pdf • 50Ko)

Exchange_accounting-and-clearing (pdf • 43Ko)

Settlement (pdf • 97Ko)

Incident Management (pdf • 56Ko)

Change Management (pdf • 47Ko)

STET Disclosure Framework 2017 (pdf • 808Ko)

Pricing (pdf • 41Ko)

Suspension procedure (pdf • 22Ko)

Criteria for access to CORE system (FR) (pdf • 26Ko)