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Delivering innovation and excellence for tomorrow’s market challenges.

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What we do

We support the full range of payments services: Direct Debits, Credit Transfers, Cards and ATMs transactions, Cheques, Bills of Exchange, and soon Instant Payments.

We also provide a secure network for cash withdrawal and payment authorisation messages.

Why we are different?

Through a unique combination of wide features and large economies of scale, we aim to help the European banking community in moving toward a more efficient processing of interbank payments.

We believe in servicing the European market diversity. That’s why we offer non-intrusive Governance that preserves the interests of each community, bank and PSP.

A reliable partner for European payments and card authorisations

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Payment solutions


The payments industry work has come a long way in delivering the harmonisation of the 33 billion annual credit and direct debit transactions, into a single set of Scheme Rule Books and messaging standards. However, a number of small differences remain at national implementation level to support market demands and practices.

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Instant Payments

STET is in the process of implementing a new CSM for the SEPA SCTinst scheme to be launched in November 2017. The instant payments scheme is driven by regulation, competition and market demand. Supported by new technologies instant payments inevitably will become the new normal.

Learn More is a modern state-of-the-art pan-European CSM for Clearing and Settlement of SEPA SCT, SDD Core and B2B transactions.

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Since January 2016, STET operates a secure network for cash withdrawal and payment authorisation messages.

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