STET – Instant Payments Go Live

As the EPC SCTinst scheme has been operational since the 21st of November, STET is pleased to announce the launch of its Instant Payments CSM.

It is expected that PSPs across SEPA will progressively adhere to the new scheme bringing further efficiencies and innovation to the European payment market.

STET’s Instant Payment solution is ready from day one and we are actively working with two national communities to bring Instant Payments to over 400 PSPs operating in these communities.

Our Instant Payments CSM is fully compliant with the EPC SCTinst scheme but we have gone further in building a lot of flexibility in the system to allow for national variants and future evolution. We also are extending our services to provide fraud scoring services, white/black lists validations which will provide added value to Banks.

The Belgium community already announced on the 12th of October this year that Instant Payments will be operational in November 2018 in Belgium, using STET’s infrastructure.

STET Instant Payments Rapid Take-off


The UCV/CEC extends its processing contract with STET to 2024


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