24th of May 2018

The current cookies policy is applicable to anyone visiting the institutional STET website https://stet.eu/ (hereinafter “the Site”). The policy’s aim is to give Users a better understanding of the way cookies may be placed on their terminal while they browse the Site, as well as how Cookies may be configured.

A cookie, or connection witness, is a small text file that may be placed on the User terminal when the User browses a website or an application. It is done by the browsing software used by the User. A cookie file allows the issuer to identify the terminal on which it was registered, during the cookie’s validity period or registration period.

Some cookies are essential for using the Site, others are used to optimize and personalize the content displayed.

When Users connect to one of the website pages, STET may place various cookies on the terminal, should the User allow it, so that STET may identify the browser during the cookie’s validity period. Some cookies are essential for using the Site, others are used to optimize and personalize the content displayed.

The Site uses the following cookies:

Cookies absolutely necessary for the Site to function properly:

These are cookies absolutely necessary for browsing the Site. They allow Users to use the Site’s main functionalities and to secure connections.
Without these cookies, Users cannot use the Site normally and STET advises against Users preventing the use of cookies or deleting them.
The cookies are exclusively placed on terminals by STET.

Functionality cookie

Such cookies contribute to the better functioning of the Site. They also allow the content and display of the Site to be adapted to the terminal’s preferences during Users’ visits. These cookies make for a better and bespoke browsing experience.

The cookie used for such a purpose is rgpd_cookie_ga

Cookies absolutely necessary to the use of the Site and functionality cookies placed by STET have a short lifespan: for most their lifespan is the session time and may last up to thirteen (13) months maximum.

Analytics and performance cookies

Such cookies allow STET to know the Site’s use and performance, to compile statistics, volumes of traffic and use of various elements (visited pages, user experience etc.). The objective is to improve the Site’s interest and ergonomics. These cookies make it easier for STET to know how many Users visited a given page.
Not accepting the use of cookies or deleting them does not impact the User’s browsing capabilities but may prevent STET from ensuring a better User experience, the kind of experience STET wishes to offer its visitors.

In this regard, the type of cookies used is _ga and is implemented by Google Analytics.

While proceeding onto the Site, the User accepts that cookies may be placed on their terminal. However, the User may go back on their decision at any point in time and refuse the use of cookies.

Via the browser settings, the User may choose to deactivate the implementation of cookies or delete permanently those that have already been placed on their terminal.
Depending on the browser used, the User has the following options: accept or reject cookies from any website or from a given website or ask the User to give their approval every time a cookie is placed on their terminal.

STET reminds Users that amending cookie configuration may change the access conditions to the Site.

For more information about cookies, the User may visit the CNIL’s website at: https://www.cnil.fr/fr/cookies-les-outils-pour-les-maitriser