STET expands rapidly and constantly needs to increase its teams with skilled individuals. STET gathers individuals endowed with valuable and diverse experiences including:


From instant access to information and contact networks, to instant execution, technology is revolutionising the traditional payment market landscape.

In this fast-changing market, STET expands rapidly and constantly needs to increase its teams with skilled individuals.

STET offers challenging job opportunities

STET is a company based on innovation, operational excellence and involvement. That is the reason why the Human Resources Department always focuses on recruiting talents capable of thinking out of the box to conceptualize and implement tomorrow’s technical solutions for the payment market. Indeed, this is the prerequisite for STET to stay ahead of the European competition.

If you want to work in a dynamic company to contribute to ambitious exciting challenges and complexed IT projects, then join the ranks of people who share a common desire – delivering the best service in this Industry.

STET gathers individuals endowed with valuable expertise in both banking payment instruments and innovative IT projects.

Our company is continuously recruiting and looking for various profiles including for instance: Applicative Developers, Middleware experts, Functional and Test engineers, networks operators.

Do not hesitate to contact us and send your application along with your resume to:

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How to join STET? (pdf • 364Ko)

Gender Equality Index

Diversity is a richness, whether it regards gender, generation, culture or a handicap situation. STET wishes to embody diversity through the four principles of its Human Resources policy : cohesion, exemplarity, cooperation and gratefulness.

In accordance with the French Law n°2018-771 dated 5th of September 2018, STET releases its 2024 Gender Equality Index (2023 data), intended to measure gender equality regarding remuneration.

In 2024, STET gets a 94/100 score. It confirms STET’s will include professional equality as a strong marker of its HR policy.

  • Gender wage gaps (39/40 points)
  • Gaps in wage increases (35/35 points)
  • Wage increase upon return from maternity leave (15/15)
  • Number of employees of the underrepresented gender among the ten employees who received the best remunerations (5/10 points)

How to join STET? (pdf • 364Ko)

Index Egalité Femme/Homme 2024 (données 2023) (pdf • 129Ko)


Delivering innovative services

You are addicted to advanced technologies?

Cloud, Big Data & Analytics, Security, Mobile and Social technologies are changing how we live. How we enroll. And how we pay.

STET is a leader in this global payment chain transformation, and we’re looking for talented professionals to imagine this new deal with us.

STET is just the place to advance your career and further develop your expertise in designing and developping data processing systems and secure network in the context of electronic payment systems and associated value-added services.

Whether you’re an experienced designer or developer.... or a young talent, at STET, you’ll be part of an innovative team that strives to deliver customer-oriented environment.

Payment Expertise

Imagining tomorrow's payment market solutions

You're eager to gain a European-wide expertise of the retail payment chain?

Processing around 24 billion transactions per year for the French and Belgium Communities, STET leads the European payment market towards new efficiencies, both in terms of services, and cost.

With more than 500 banks reachable through our processing platform, and 280 banks connected to our card authorisation network, STET handles daily various specific issues.

And because serving the market diversity is at the core of our mission, we pay special atttention to hire people endowed with European dedication.

Working at STET means that you’ll help our clients facing their specific challenges, and support them to find solutions.